How to roll a joint with your hands

Just like smoking it’s self, rolling a joint should be a pleasant experience but some find it a source of frustration. I’m Sheldon volunteer for Florin Wellness Center. I’m going to show you my method for rolling a joint using your fingers only. Before we get started please understand that the information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only and intended for adults at least 21 years old.

Before you begin an holistic health regiment and that includes cannabis, talk to your doctor first. Every collective working within state guidelines requires that each potential patient have a valid doctors recommendation, once you have that in place your free to go to any collective and I certainly hope that cannabis works out for you.

Okay so here’s what you need you need rolling papers of course this is the one and a quarter inch paper this is the standard size of paper these days, also a grinder in order to break up the Cannabis flowers you can use scissors or your fingers but that’s a little messy and takes a little bit more time. Plus you’ll need the scissors for something else. A toothpick or something similar isn’t absolutely necessary but it’s good to have it will help and I’ll show you why and also of course you’ll need some cannabis.

Let’s talk about the rolling paper now most are packaged like this they come in different flavors some different sizes again I like the one of the one and a quarter inch size these are your standard size nowadays they are basically package like the old zig zags they pull out one at a time in a zigzag pattern and the paper itself is a little stiff now you can of course use the paper just as is but we really want to prep this paper making it easier for us to roll our joint.

What we’ll do to start is we’ll gather the bottom corners together flip it over the opposite end from the gummed edge by the way these are pretty gummed and that makes it easier to seal the deal. We’ll gather the corners together at the bottom will take a scissors and make a nice uniform very small 45 degree angle cut. Our paper is cut on the corners you can I buy papers that have cut corners like this. The reason why we do that it really helps to keep the edges from binding when you roll your joint, binding can make your joint burn unevenly so we want to do that we also want to get rid of this crease in the middle best way we can do that is we’ll fold the paper at the crease using our forefinger and thumb and thumb and middle finger and just roll back and forth over that crease. Go back and forth over the few times and what you end up getting is not just rid of the crease in the middle but this also makes a j-shaped pocket that helps us to really get our joint rolled. That’s how you prep your paper.

Now that we’ve preped the paper it’s time to grind up the cannabis…

We’ll just simply drop our flower on the grinder, it has teeth on both ends we will close this up.
With agitation this is manuel unit we just simply go back and forth. You can go around in circles if you like, but you see how fast a grinder works it’s a good idea to invest in a new grinder. Again we just want to break down the dry flowers no need to pulverize them just break them down.

Okay let’s go ahead and roll our joint. I’ve already scooped up some of our cannabis that we grinded up in the grinder and we’ll toss that in our paper, which we’ve already prepped. Here we are, the cannabis is a little sticky. We’ll spread that out across the paper get accustomed to being able to hold the paper in your hand versus lying it down it’s going to be a lot more difficult to roll that way. We’ll spread the cannabis on the paper almost to the ends and holding it firmly with our thumbs will start to take that bottom lip and flip it inside and with our forefingers we’ll even it out. I’ll turn this way you’ll see it a little bit easier I got my thumbs in back 4 fingers in front or rather my thumbs on the bottom 4 fingers up front and middle finger in the back at this point we can guide and roll.

Now if you find that it bunches up a little bit you can roll back out again and restart.

We’re almost finished everything is in place our gummed edge is exposed we want to moisten that to seal the deal.

There we are, your twisted all the way around it’s nice and sealed but now we’ll balance that on our finger and we’ll take our a toothpick and tap down pack a down just a wee bit… thumb and forefinger with a little pinch and a Twist and flip it over we’ll tap down the bottom or top it’s up to you and give that a little twist as well.

There we’ve rolled our joint, pretty simple uh, if you don’t get it the first time that’s okay keep trying. We hope it all works out well for you I’m Sheldon for Florin Wellness Center.